New EP which I recorded in a day on April 6, a very Good Friday.

The cover was also drawn that day to go with it. I’m really hoping to start playing live again some time soon, maybe make some physical media one of these days. Free download till then!

Day 49 - Blowing In the Wind


Recorded a quick cover of the song by Dylan.

Day 47 - Majestic Dubai


Decided to make a little fan poster for Brad Bird’s incredible Mission Impossible movie. Saw it in IMAX and I’ve never been so impressed by the scale of action in a film before.

Its no secret that I love the Works Progress Administration posters of the 30s - 40s, especially those created for the National Parks. Thus, a travel poster for the world’s tallest building, featuring a tiny Tom Cruise scaling the side.

Day 46 -Where to next?


This is it. I’ve officially graduated from college. Now this is question is resonating through my head like an orchestra. No use losing sleep over, but it will just be a matter of time to see where I end up. I’ve got interviews for internships and I hope I end up working somewhere I can enjoy. I also hope to keep developing the stories I want to tell. All in due time.

The good side is that I’ll have much more time for this site. I’ll likely post a number of things I created throughout the semester for class, as a means of catching up. Today’s post was an idea that I sketched out one morning. Yesterday I decided to make it happen. After Effects and Photoshop.

Day 45 - Lamp Keeper


From a sketch I made in my notebook one Sunday during a sermon back home in Wisconsin.

Day 44 - Burdened By Choices


Work in progress. Next step is record Elspeth’s vocals, re-record mine, and send over to Drew so he can add his magic!

btw, got published in my school newspaper, full interview about my music: check it out here.

Day 39 - Another Idea


Playing around with aftereffects, toying with position to create a digital distortion type feel, without actually distorting the image.

Canvas  by  andbamnan